S24 Pack - Euro 2024

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Pre-order the Euro 2024 Pack untill 18/06/2024 with 10% discount!

Euro 2024 Packs will start being dispatched from 20/06/2024.

Contain 5 player from the Euro's 2024 teams with special design for every country.

fifa packs in real life


Come join the fun and expand your collection with our amazing GOAT packs! You never know what cool players you might uncover.


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Feel free to swap cards with others to get exactly what you're looking for! It's a great way to expland your collection.

Can I choose the players cards from the packs?

No, each pack has five players randomly picked.

How many different cards designs are?

We have over 1000 cards variations with unique design and shape.

Why are there different pack options?

Each pack is a special edition. You can find the unique combination of each pack in the description. These packs are designed to provide variety and surprise.

What is the difference between S24 and S23 packs?

The shapes and designs.

Can I track my order?

Once your order is shipped, you'll get an email with the tracking info for your delivery.